Kind words...

“The film has a tense atmospheric vibe ....looks like a big-time Hollywood production”
DJ Caruso director of XXX The Return of Xander Cage
“It's awesome!”
Graham D. Clark – VP of Stereography: Star Wars The Force Awakens  

It's always great to hear what other industry folks think of our work.  Watch this space - things are really moving up a notch.

Who are Ditto Films?

With so many studios attempting to breathe life into deceased formats and franchises, we at Ditto are bringing a wealth of new talent to the film set.

At the helm is Adam Ethan Crow.

Adam Ethan Crow is an award-winning writer/director. In 2004 he was the very first producer in the UK to film an entertainment programme in HD - the rest of the industry caught up in 2005.

He was shooting television in 3D two years before it became the norm. He has since gone on the win awards, create content, and been lucky enough to work with some of the best people in the industry, Scott Mednick (Batman Begins, 300, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), James M. Vernon (Evita, Hacksaw Ridge), Robert Laycock (James Bond) and many, many more.

Ditto is made up of a team of specialists that come together when the 4000K-Batlight is seen in the sky.

On the set of 'The Bob De Niro Fan Club.'

On the set of 'The Bob De Niro Fan Club.'

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